• What is GDV

    What is GDV

    Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique: A new approach to the diagnosis of various diseases, and not only this! Read More
  • About KTI

    About KTI

    "KIRLIONICS TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL" is a group of companies for development, manufacturing and implementation of Gas Discharge Visualization technologies (GDV). It consists of "KTI" LLC and "Biotechprogress" LLC. Read More
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GDV Conference 2018

GDV Conference 2018

Group of companies of «Biotechprogress» and «Kirlionics Technologies International» invites you to participate
in the International scientific and practical Conference «GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.»
Russia, St. Petersburg, July 19– 23, 2018

With the assistance and participation of International Center for Kirlianography, the Scientific and Practice Center of Medical and Biological problems of human’s adaptation in the Arctic of the Kolsky Science Center of the Russian Academy of Science (Russia); Institute of Space Research and Technology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria); Institute for the Development of Education and Social Technologies, (Russia) «Doctor Volkov» Clinic (Russia); Academy of Hirudotherapy (Russia); Ural Center for Energy Conservation and Ecology (Russia); Scientific and Practic Organization «AquaStandard» (Russia); «Biokvant» company (Russia); «Medical Electronic Equipment» (Russia); Laboratory of Health and Wellness Technologies «ENISO», (Russia); American Magic Order (The USA); «Vozrozhdeniye» Center(Russia); «Prague ALPHA-MED» company (Czech Republic); Institute of Electrophotonic (Germany), KTI France (France, Belgium, Switzerland); GDV Argentina (Latin America).

Conference is devoted to GDV equipment by Biotechprogress.

More than 20 years of the world’s experience of use of GDV Technologies in different scientific spheres is quite sufficient period for the formation of the scientific methodology. We invite you to take part in the conference devoted to the overview of achievements of GDV method, its perspectives and practical opportunities. The conference’s aim is to get together all the people who are interested in GDV method. Scientists from different countries are going to represent their reports regarding use and development of GDV method. The venue of the conference is a four-level cruise ship «VissarionBelinsky».Participants get a unique opportunity to reconcile an interesting scientific conference with a fascinating journey from St. Petersburg to Mandrogi village, Valaam Island, Kizhi Island and back. You will be able to visit Monastery of Valaam, a sacred place situated on an island in Ladoga Lake, have a tour round villages of Kizhi Island, have a picnic in Mandrogi village and enjoy very picturesque views. The region is known as an ecologically clean place with beautiful nature.

Christmas gifts

Group of companies of Biotechprogress and KTI congratulates you with the upcoming New Year and is glad to please you with interesting festive gifts!

December, 1 – December, 30

  • With the purchase of GDV Compact you get a measuring electrode Sputnik 1, used for environmental studies, or a liquids measuring device as a gift
  • With the purchase of GDV Camera Pro you can get either a 10% discount for the device or a notebook (based on Windows 10) as a gift
  • With the purchase of GDV Express you get a notebook (based on Windows 10) plus one software program on your choice as a gift

With the wishes of health and happiness, Biotechprogress and KTI team

ProPulse - 2016

In Belgrade, Serbia has just successfully held The First International Forum "PROPULSE – 2016".

During November, 18-21 participants of the Forum has known a lot of new information about VedaPulse technology. Elena Yanovskaya, our expert has presented lectures on GDV method as well as our co-operative project – "GDV Pulse" device. Being a new method for this audience, GDV method caused a vivid interest. The possibility of combining of these two excellent methods as GDV and VedaPuls has given to many participants a new vision of implementation of these technologies and their usage in the life.

"Biotechprogress" company congratulates "Biokvant" company with a great start of such a great event. Presence at the forum representatives of 18 countries of the world gives us a hope that this Forum will become a tradition.

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