GDV Software

GDV Software - choose in accordance with the characteristics of your tasks. GDV software are unsophisticated and comprehensible, they help you to solve wide range of tasks.

GDV Software is a real windfall for those who can not name himself as a confident computer user. One and the most important difference is sequence of pages. Using the analysis' scheme of GDV-grams, they lead you step by step to your final goal. Therefore even if you feel yourself uncertain as a computer user all the steps that you need to follow up during software studying become simple and understandable.

GDV Software guarantees users wide range of possibilities - information can be edited by making the necessary changes. You can also delete information which you consider as an unimportant one and inversely you can add new information. Those who start using GDV Software becomes the owner of a personal database. If appears necessity of using other personal computer, this database can be easily removed.

GDV Software which are intended to use for the organism's diagnostics offer you to work with the list of subjects. In this case GDV Software provides person's data storage (name, height, weight, etc.) as well as comments to GDV-grams' storage.

GDV programes are very diverse and have different peculiarities. According to your sphere of investigation you should use proper GDV device and GDV Software. Thus psychologists can fully evaluate GDV Neurotonus software program. For those who professionally practice yoga or different meditation techniques GDV Vritual Chakra will be very helpful.

You can get in touch with our specialists and they will help you make correct choice in choosing GDV Device as well as GDV Software according to the tasks which you want to solve with the help of these software programes.

The software package "GDV Software" translated into 11 languages!

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