• What is GDV

    What is GDV

    Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique: A new approach to the diagnosis of various diseases, and not only this! Read More
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    About KTI

    "KIRLIONICS TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL" is a group of companies for development, manufacturing and implementation of Gas Discharge Visualization technologies (GDV). It consists of "KTI" LLC and "Biotechprogress" LLC. Read More
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The group of companies “Biotechprogress” LLC and “KTI” LLC offers more GDV equipment

From June 15 till September 15, 2014 if you buy a GDV Camera or GDV Express you will be granted a GDV Travel as a bonus!

GDV Travel

A pilot sample of the GDV Travel has been produced.

A light, compact model of the GDV Travel is indispensable when you are on a trip. It gets power from computer and thus does not need electricity.  
The device can measure not only human fingers but also carry out shoots with GDV Sputnik which make it possible to carry out pilot studies of the environment. 
The GDV Travel, as well as all equipment produced by “Biotechprogress”, has a 2-year warranty.
A low price makes it possible to use GDV Travel as an addition to the main stationary device.

GDV Attachment for feet

It is known that the meridian theory includes information on both fingers and toes. For many years GDV users have studied the state of human body on the basis of energy field of fingers. 
Now we are glad to offer GDV users the GDV Attachment for feet.


This attachment makes it possible to measure human toes and fingers. The followers of the meridian theory, as well as those of Peter Mandel’s theory, will be pleased with the possibilities offered by this attachment. 
You can obtain a classical report on human finger and toe glow well illustrated in the studies of Kirlian, Mandel and other researches.
A unique automatic calibration makes it possible to adjust the voltage of the attachment depending on the size of feet and fingers. Thus we obtain a good-quality glow of hands and feet of any size.  The attachment works with the GDV Camera Pro. Development of the software for interpretation of glow data of feet from the viewpoint of several theories of evaluation is under way. This attachment makes it possible to measure human toes and fingers. The followers of the meridian theory, as well as those of Peter Mandel’s theory, will be pleased with the possibilities offered by this attachment.

GDV Compact - Eco

A pilot sample of GDV Compact Eco has been produced.
This device is made on the basis of GDV Compact and GDV Eco Tester. It has the best features from both modifications and makes it possible to study the environment and to evaluate the state of human body without computer and electricity.
Due to an original development of the electrode ventilation system used in the GDV Eco Tester, ozone generating during a long discharge will not affect the GDV glow. The device can work with all programs of the GDV Software package.
The built-in battery gives a possibility to use the device in field conditions. Information can be recorded on a flash memory card, thus you will not depend on PC. In stationary (room) conditions you can still use the GDV Compact-Eco with PC, or from an electrical network.
"Biotechprogress" is planning to produce a range of devices based on the GDV Compact and making it possible to widely function in the research area and for correction of states.

GDV Traveler bag on sale

Dear friends, We are glad to inform you about the “GDV Traveler” bag on sale! The GDV Traveler bag has been specially designed for trips with GDV equipment. It has two main compartments, for your laptop and GDV device with the accessories. Now you will not have to travel with lots of different bags on your shoulders. All necessary stuff for your GDV studies can go in one comfort and convenient bag. The “GDV Traveler” bag can accommodate a laptop (maximum dimensions 15.6 inches), a GDV Compact and the attachment GDV Fifth Element or GDV Ecotester or GDV Camera. Besides the compartments for GDV equipment and your laptop, the bag has multiple pockets of different sizes: you can use them for keeping documents, guest cards, pens and other stuff necessary during your trips. Dimensions: 400 x 150 x 350 mm. Price: € 100

International EPC/GDV Seminar on Measuring the Energy of our Emotions and Environment

Dear friends and colleagues, It is with great pleasure that I invite you to our upcoming EPC/GDV Specialist Seminar in March of 2014. This time we will have a very detailed look into how we can use the EPC/GDV Technology to measure the energy of emotions, the energy in a room and in our environment in general. For this seminar we have invited very competent speakers and scientists, who have been working in these fields for many years. We will in detail cover the ideas behind the development of the GDV 5-th Element, the GDV Ecotester and the Sputnik Antenna. We will be able to clearly understand how we use these new devices to measure and analyze subtle energy fields in our surrounding. Dmitry Orlov, Physicist of the State University in St. Petersburg will provide us an in-depth view of the development and practical application of the new EPC/GDV Devices. In addition, we will look closely into the effect that human emotions have on another person as well as on the energy in a room. This understanding is of vital importance not only in our living space, but especially when it comes to companies and our daily workplaces. Our emotions have a clear representation in our bio-energy field as well as in our physiology. Felicity Mackinnon - successful Speaker, Author and Life Coach from the UK will share her deep insights and experiences from working with the bio-energy field, with human emotions and with the mutual influences between our emotions and our environment. Last but not least, this GDV Specialist Seminar will be your forum for sharing your ideas, challenges and results in working with the GDV technology. If you arrive early for the event please join us for a small get-together already on Friday night. We would love to meet you there. We look forward to an exciting event with many successful GDV Users and with a great amount of very useful information that you cannot get in any ordinary user training. As networking will be one of the major topics of this event, we look forward to meeting you in person. For the detailed agenda, registration information and hotel booking please see the following pages. Welcome to this International GDV Seminar!
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