GDV Devices

GDV equipment is modern specialized equipment intended for recording energy fields of different objects for their analysis and studying.

GDV means "Gas Discharge Visualization". All the measurements are based on the effect of corona barrier discharge in gas, which is known as "Kirlian's effect". This is a multiple complex of electromagnetic emissions, which are produced by living organisms.

GDV devices allow to reveal different functional disruptions of the organism at their early stages, to do effective and quick diagnostics of different organs as well as of the whole organism.

If you decided to get a GDV device at the official manufacturer we recommend you to look through the information posted at this page. You will be able to order such highly demanded items as GDV Express and GDV Compact at a really attractive price.

GDV Express

The "GDV Express" enables simultaneous and instantaneous capturing of 10 human fingers.

About GDV Express
GDV Camera Pro

The "GDV Camera Pro" enables to carry out observation, registration and computer processing of a subject's energy field.

About GDV Camera
GDV Compact

The "GDV Compact" is designed for computer registration and analysis of GDV-images of human fingers.

About GDV Compact
GDV Eco Tester

The GDV Eco Tester is intended for measuring signals of sensors registering pa­rameter variations of the environment, in off-line mode without connection to the computer.

About GDV Eco Tester
GDV Plus

The "GDV+" attachment is used to work with disabled people or patients who need to keep to bed, and enables to capture GDV-images of toes, or record the glow of animals and large-size subjects.

About GDV Plus
GDV Mini Laboratory

A set of accessories "GDV Mini Laboratory" is designed for laboratory studies of liquids and solids of various origins.

About GDV Mini Laboratory
GDV Fifth Element

The "GDV Fifth Element" attachment is used to estimate the state of the environment by measuring basic nature components.

About GDV Fifth Element
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