Purpose of "GDV Energy Field":

  • building up a model of human energy field on the basis of the topic map with correlation between the glow of separate sectors of human fingers and his biological systems and organs;
  • viewing energy field as an image around human contour;
  • numeric presentation of data in tables and diagrams;
  • calculation of energy field parameters: area, entropy, fractality and symmetry.


Additional possibilities: showing a dynamic image of human energy field obtained by comparing the

  • GDV-image zones corresponding to a biological system or organ and parts of human contour where these biological systems are located;
  • showing energy field in the zone names display mode (point the mouse cursor to an energy field sector to view bubble help with the name of the selected zone; press the left mouse button to show the finger with the corresponding zone of the GDV energy field and this zone will light up);
  • showing energy field in an enhanced mode which makes it possible to select and study it in detail in the selected scale (2-fold, 4-fold, 6-fold or 8-fold);
  • viewing the energy field mode in three projections (a front and two side ones);
  • comparison of the obtained results for several subjects;
  • printing out GDV-images of energy field, tables and diagrams.


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