GDV Eco Tester

The GDV Eco Tester is intended for measuring signals of sensors registering pa­rameter variations of the environment, in off-line mode without connection to the computer. It can be used together with the sensors of the GDV Fifth Element.

The GDV Eco Tester makes it possible to measure parameters of the environment during many hours without direct connection to the computer. The GDV Eco Tester is convenient to carry out studies of natural objects where the electrical network is not available.

The GDV Scientific Laboratory program in complete set.

  • Complete set with accessories +

    1. Impulse analyzer GDV Eco Tester.
    2. Light protection cover with test object holder.
    3. Test object.
    4. Universal wire.
    5. Power cable.
    6. AC/DC adapter 110-240 V/12 V.
    7. Power cord for battery.
    8. Cloth napkin.
    9. Measuring electrode Sputnik 1-a.
    10. Technical passport.
    11. User manual.
    12. Bag.
    13. CD «GDV Scientific Laboratory» with protection key.
    14. Cover glasses (1 pack – 100 pcs.)*
    Cover glasses are delivered separately, on an additional agreement with the buyer.

    Additional accessories are delivered on user’s request.

    1. Car adapter for power supply from the standard cigarette lighter socket in the car.
    2. Battery no less than 12 V 4 A/hr.
    3. Flash drive no more than 2Gb.
    4. Measuring electrodes from the complete set of accessories of the attachment Fifth Element.
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