Purpose of "Interpretation for GDV Software":

  • the program enables to generate and print out the text conclusions based on the digital data analysis of the GDV Diagram program of the GDV Software package.
  • the program enables to add to text conclusions doctors' diagnoses and patients' complaints, and also photos and comments, which brings the diagnostics based on the GDV technique closer to an ordinary outpatient examination.


To build the diagnostic rules the database was used formed in the process of examination of several hundreds of patients. The rules were formulated by specialists with ten years of experience of practical work with GDV.

Additional possibilities:

  • to simplify and to speed up the interpretation process of GDV data and the whole examination;
  • to form automatically text conclusions based on the GDV examination results;
  • to add photos, comments, diagnoses and patient's complaints;
  • to print out the text report on the examination results;
  • to save and look through the whole history of patient's examinations in the program.


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