• What is GDV

    What is GDV

    Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique: A new approach to the diagnosis of various diseases, and not only this! Read More
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    About KTI

    "KIRLIONICS TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL" is a group of companies for development, manufacturing and implementation of Gas Discharge Visualization technologies (GDV). It consists of "KTI" LLC and "Biotechprogress" LLC. Read More
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The Bulgarian football club "Ludogorets", our active user of the GDV Express, has entered the 2014 UEFA Champions' League group stage!
The KTI Company congratulates "Ludogorets" wishing good health to all team members and further success in sport! We hope that the studies of the footballers' health with the GDV Technique have made a useful contribution in preparing the athletes to such a successful game!
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