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    What is GDV

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Dear friends,

On July 4-6, during White Nights, the XVIII International Scientific Congress “SCIENCE. INFORMATION. SPIRIT” was held in Saint Petersburg. The Congress was attended by more than 200 participants from Europe, the USA, Malaysia, Israel, Brazil and Singapore. The first day of the Congress was dedicated to the memory of an outstanding scientist Emilio Del Giudici. 

The plenary report presented by Professor V.L. Voeikov from the Moscow State University was dedicated to the contribution made by Emilio Del Giudicito the development of modern science. During 3 days of sessions over 40 talks were given, mainly presenting the results of experimental studies of human state, plants and the environment. In many cases the GDV Bioelectrography method was used. Here are some of the most interesting topics.

Professor E.G. Yakovleva presented the talk “Possibilities of static and dynamic GDV diagnosis for identifying patients with colonneoplasia” opening up a perspective of new diagnostic possibilities of the GDV technique. The talks given by Prof. M.V. Kutushov (Israel), Prof. A.I. Krasheniuk (Russia), Arumugam Sivacumara (Singapore) and D. Kovacik (Brazil) were devoted to the review of the issues of integrative medicine and their applications. 

Many speakers mentioned various aspects of studying and using bioenergy both for working with patients, and in the altered states of consciousness. The employees of the St.Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture A.K. Drozdovsky and A.A. Banayan told about using the GDV technique in the work with Russian paralympic teams. As usual, a series of lectures was devoted to water and a new understanding of its properties.

With in the XVIII International Scientific Congress “SCIENCE.INFORMATION.SPIRIT” a scientific-practical workshop “Science and spirituality: the partners for peace and happiness on Earth” was carried out in the St. Petersburg Center Brahma Kumaris where the phenomenon of consciousness and possibility of dialog between science and spirituality were discussed. 

After closing of the scientific sessions the participants were invited to a friendly dinner which helped to encourage communications and to strengthen the friendly relations established at the Congress.  

Congress President
Professor K.G.Korotkov

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