Dear friends, We are glad to inform you about the “GDV Traveler” bag on sale! The GDV Traveler bag has been specially designed for trips with GDV equipment. It has two main compartments, for your laptop and GDV device with the accessories. Now you will not have to travel with lots of different bags on your shoulders. All necessary stuff for your GDV studies can go in one comfort and convenient bag. The “GDV Traveler” bag can accommodate a laptop (maximum dimensions 15.6 inches), a GDV Compact and the attachment GDV Fifth Element or GDV Ecotester or GDV Camera. Besides the compartments for GDV equipment and your laptop, the bag has multiple pockets of different sizes: you can use them for keeping documents, guest cards, pens and other stuff necessary during your trips. Dimensions: 400 x 150 x 350 mm. Price: € 100