• What is GDV

    What is GDV

    Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique: A new approach to the diagnosis of various diseases, and not only this! Read More
  • About KTI

    About KTI

    "KIRLIONICS TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL" is a group of companies for development, manufacturing and implementation of Gas Discharge Visualization technologies (GDV). It consists of "KTI" LLC and "Biotechprogress" LLC. Read More
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Christmas gifts

Group of companies of Biotechprogress and KTI congratulates you with the upcoming New Year and is glad to please you with interesting festive gifts!

December, 1 – December, 30

  • With the purchase of GDV Compact you get a measuring electrode Sputnik 1, used for environmental studies, or a liquids measuring device as a gift
  • With the purchase of GDV Camera Pro you can get either a 10% discount for the device or a notebook (based on Windows 10) as a gift
  • With the purchase of GDV Express you get a notebook (based on Windows 10) plus one software program on your choice as a gift

With the wishes of health and happiness, Biotechprogress and KTI team

ProPulse - 2016

In Belgrade, Serbia has just successfully held The First International Forum "PROPULSE – 2016".

During November, 18-21 participants of the Forum has known a lot of new information about VedaPulse technology. Elena Yanovskaya, our expert has presented lectures on GDV method as well as our co-operative project – "GDV Pulse" device. Being a new method for this audience, GDV method caused a vivid interest. The possibility of combining of these two excellent methods as GDV and VedaPuls has given to many participants a new vision of implementation of these technologies and their usage in the life.

"Biotechprogress" company congratulates "Biokvant" company with a great start of such a great event. Presence at the forum representatives of 18 countries of the world gives us a hope that this Forum will become a tradition.

GDV Compact was awarded the Gold Medal

We are glad to inform you that our device "GDV Compact" was awarded the Gold Medal in the category of "The goods of industrial use" on the specialized inter-regional exhibition "World of Medicine 2016. Health and Beauty" The exhibition was held in Khabarovsk (Russia) from 22 to 25 September, 2016.

With all our heart we congratulate our representative Elena Kozlova with such a great success and wish her further development and prosperity!

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